The Very Basic – Rice

Mallika Basu - The Very Basic – Rice

Posted 23rd September 2006

I’ve been running my own buzz campaign about So imagine my surprise when I got interrupted at the pub mid-way though a passionate, high-level discussion about chicken curry with the question “what’s the best way to cook rice”.

There is only one way dear people: use a rice cooker. Life’s too short to watch water boil. And you can never beat the fluffy, dry and fuss-free result anyway.

I mastered the art of turning the dial years ago and haven’t looked back since. If you can afford it, invest in one.

If this isn’t an option for you, my brother-in-law has a foolproof technique:

Rinse and drain your rice, level it in the saucepan and stick your thumb on top of it. Cover with cold water until the water reaches the first joint on your thumb. Bring to boil, then lower the flame, cover and simmer until its done. This takes about 20 minutes but the best way to know is to taste a few grains of rice. If the rice is cooked but still soggy, turn the flame up to medium and uncover for a minute or two.

Never stir rice. It disintegrates and gets all gooey. Far from the rice-cooker result we want to achieve.

As for measures. I find a half pint glass is enough to two and a half people. The half especially comes in handy the morning after.

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