Which Bits to Use

Mallika Basu - Which Bits to Use

Posted 6th October 2006

On my way back from work this evening, I picked up a copy of thelondonpaper. I was drawn to the interesting recipe for arroz negro listed in a column titled “fast supper”.

It needed rice, onion, garlic, fish stock (so far so good), lobster (tricky) and squid ink. Squid ink? Quick recipe?

Sometimes I would like a chef to spend a day in a life swap with an ordinary mortal. Imagine Oskar Reboredo, the exotic sounded chef whose recipe I cited, waking up at the crack of dawn, taking an overcrowded train, rushing into work, scoffing a fruit and amidst endless phone calls, emails and meetings trying to find squid ink.

Are any TV production companies reading?

As an ordinary mortal who knows the true meaning of a quick recipe, I am normally at the mercy of my local Tesco or Sainsbury’s. I buy what’s available and special promotions always get first preference.

I could use my local butcher but I would like to live until I’m 30.

With Indian food, there are only three things you need to remember when you’re out shopping:

  • Meat on the bone is preferable because it has more flavour
  • Beef cooks easier than lamb and is less smelly in dishes like keema mattar
  • Raw prawns are better than cooked because you can cook them for longer allowing masalas to seep in

You should have the masalas at home in packets anyway.

Gotta go. Friday night. Am eating dinner out in favour of quick squid rice recipe.

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