Picking Indian Restaurants

Mallika Basu - Picking Indian Restaurants

Posted 12th October 2006

cadcy9xf.jpgJen may be a die hard Indian takeaway fan, but she’s not afraid to experiment. So when I receive her request for some “real” Indian restaurants, I get ready to push the boat out.

Most Indian restaurants in the UK are run by cooks from the Sylhet province in Bangladesh. Taffy explains it beautifully, so I won’t bother. Basically, the food is delicious but not Indian. It was created especially for the British beer and curry palate and is dished out by Bangladeshis.

You can spot a true Indian restaurant instantly by looking for the following:

  • A menu bereft of any balti, madras and phal. Chicken tikka masala has infiltrated some authentic restaurant menus however
  • Saree clad aunties and elderly uncles eating. Older Indians never eat anything they can cook better themselves at home


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