Confessions and resolutions

Mallika Basu - Confessions and resolutions

Posted 3rd January 2007


I did a despicable, unforgiveable and truly stomach-churning thing last week. I ate an Indian takeaway.

Yes siree. An authentic inauthentic Indian meal, glowing with oil and food colouring and resplendent in its own mediocrity.

I know I must not try to justify myself, but we returned to an empty fridge from Christmas weekend only to find all shops and local restaurants closed apart from the neighbourhood Indian takeaway.

Needless to say, the meal was disappointing. How an establishment can sell that food is beyond me. I ranted for days about talking to the elderly owner of the restaurant about his negative effect on the global view of Indian cuisine, but was held back, quite sensibly, by hubby.

Now that a New Year has begun, I want to remind us why I started writing this blog

To bring authentic Indian food to busy people, who love eating it.

This obviously involves lots of easy Indian cooking and general ranting. But I don’t want to lose sight of all the great support of “real” Indian food lovers in the blogosphere.

You see, united we stand. But divided we are a chicken tikka masala balti! You get my drift…

So my New Years resolution is to draw on some of the fabulous recipes out there from Indian food blogs in addition to posting my own. Please email me recipes you like but look complicated at I will also keep posting tips on reducing cooking time and making life easier.

I will, and this is a promise, also get better at doing my rounds on the blogosphere. So far, it’s been a treat to meet all you interesting foodies and I’m really excited at the prospect of upping the campaign a notch. Note: an authentic Indian takeaway is pictured.

Watch this space…

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