Happy half-birthday to me…

Mallika Basu - Happy half-birthday to me…

Posted 23rd March 2007

half-birthday.jpgToday is a minor celebration of sorts for Quick Indian Cooking. Six months ago, I took to blogging sick to my teeth of:

seeing how little people cook Indian food even though they love eating it

the garbage widely perceived to be Indian food in the UK and beyond

misconceptions about Indian food and cooking, e.g. it’s too unhealthy/greasy to eat regularly and too time-consuming/difficult to cook

This blog is a rant about how Indian cooking is easy and totally do-able alongside working hard, partying harder and eating a wide variety of cuisine.

If you love Indian food, don’t know enough about cooking it and can’t slave over a hot cooker all day – welcome aboard.

Slowly but surely, the irresistible aromas of an Indian box will penetrate your kitchen and soon you’ll be an uber professional with frying onions and sizzling whole cumin. That’s the objective anyway, and it seems to be working!

If you’re new to this site please click on getting started and look at all the basic tips in the archives section. It covers a lot of information from useful info on spices to the downright must know of what alcohol to drink with curry.

I’ll be spending the next week on more tips and tricks. Also, check out Hooked on Heat for help with basic tips and advice.

Global domination… here we come.

PS = If you are a prolific Indian cook, I am sure you will be baffled by my various shortcuts and apalled by my apparent inabilities. Fear not, the recipes do work and they save you time. A look at the glorious recipes posted by other very talented Indian cooks is also an absolute must.

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