What’s in a name?

Mallika Basu - What’s in a name?

Posted 26th March 2007

reza-book.jpgI am reading a fabulous book – “Is it just me or is everything shit” – by Steve Lowe & Alan McArthur.

It just about sums up my views about life, love and everything in between as I chuckle on public transport deemed unsuitable for cattle transportation by the European Union.

If truth be told I bought this for my brother-in-law when he broke his leg on his first ski-ing trip and had to be airlifted to his chalet. Then I remembered he had just before that been the victim of identity fraud and then before that… oh God.

Totally unfunny. How insensitive!

Here’s a sample:

Delicatessan counters at supermarkets

The pakoras piled up in that quaint earthenware bowl are, of course, produced by the Indian matriarch up to her elbows in ghee out the back, merrily crushing her own spices while joshing with the French peasant dropping off filthy cheese in his 2CV.

Either that, or they’ve been mass produced, loaded into plastic containers, transported across the country in a big lorry, removed from the plastic containers and placed into said Earthenware bowl to seem just ever so slightly more appealing than the absolutely identical ones in vaccum-sealed plastic multi packs on the shelves.

True, true.

While on the subject of books, I also bought Reza Mahammad’s “Rice, Spice and All Things Nice” on Indian cooking.

It looks interesting if a bit odd with the disproportionate number of pictured elephants. I’m hoping to cook something from this new find soon.

Before I go, this week is all about Indian cooking basics to keep with the semi-celebratory theme. I’ll bore off by the end of the week and start cooking instead.

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