Tangri kebabs to tube users

Mallika Basu - Tangri kebabs to tube users

Posted 3rd July 2007

img_7142.jpgI’ve been swimming up shit creek recently. With the holiday season about to begin, I’ve got two choices – get busy or get fired.

To make matters worse, the summer sales are in full swing. After a day on totalnightmare.com, I started making my way to a trendy south London pub. With a summer goose feather and duck down (or is it the other way around) duvet and a red plastic bag with S-A-L-E emblazoned across the front.

It’s sooooo hard to be glamorous all the time…

Unsurprisingly, the pleasant people on London’s peak hour public transport gave me looks of “what the hell” as I dashed down the escalators towards a vodka lemonade.

I give them Tangri Kebab.

Tangri kebabs are grilled chicken drumsticks steeped in fresh mint, coriander, lemon and yogurt. Deliciously juicy and tender on the inside, they are coated with a lovely flavorful marinade on the outside.

And the best thing about them – they don’t need a drop of oil to cook!

This recipe takes half an hour of quick Indian cooking in two halves. The first five minutes is for marinating the chicken and the 20 minutes on the following day is what you need to cook them.

It takes a bit of organisation, I know, but I had enough time to plan it all while avoiding evils on the underground.

This recipe serves 4:

12 chicken drumsticks, skinned

4 heaped tbsp low fat natural yogurt

3 inches ginger

9 fat cloves garlic

12.5 gm fresh mint leaves

4 thin green chillies

25 gm fresh coriander, hard stalks cut off

Salt to taste

Juice of 1 lemon

In a blender, puree the yogurt, ginger, garlic, mint leaves, chillies and coriander. Add enough salt to make it an extra strong marinade for the chicken.

Now take a large mixing bowl and place the chicken drumsticks in it, making deep sideways gashes on either side of each piece.

Spoon over the marinade and drizzle the lemon juice all over them. Leave them to sit in the fridge for as along as possible – overnight in my case.

Take them out of the fridge at least two hours before you are ready to cook. Half an hour before you want to eat, heat the grill to 190 degrees Centigrade, gas mark 5 or 375 Fahrenheit.

Place the drumsticks down flat with a distance of a centimetre between them. Heat on each side for five minutes, with a total cooking time of 20 minutes.

In the meantime, bring the leftover marinade to boil and then simmer for five minutes. You can mix the juices from the drumsticks in the grill into this for a spicy and tangy chutney to accompany the kebabs.

Just superb on their own or with a salad.

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