One year on…

Mallika Basu - One year on…

Posted 23rd September 2007

1st-birthday.jpgI’ve just survived the mother of all shit weeks:

  • 1 x Indian wedding
  • 7 x impossible deadline
  • 5 x 12-hour days
  • 1 x boozy PR bunny lunch
  • 1 x big night out

All of which brings me to a major milestone. Quickindiancooking is one today.

12 months ago, I decided my job, married life, social and family commitments weren’t good enough. What I needed was a passionate mission that could tip me right over the edge.

And was born. Part diary, part mission to get people cooking Indian food, it came with a solemn promise: I would rather eat my shoe than cook a samosa from scratch.

Since then I have blogged about the good, the bad and plain ugly about real Indian food. With the support of committed bloggers (you know who you are Asha, Sandeepa et al) and Indian food lovers.

Without getting sentimental (so not me, darlings) I want to say thank you for reading this, trying my recipes and leaving (mostly) lovely comments. You make it worth every minute!

Finally, because this is a special occasion, I am going to ditch the weight obsessing and cook Halwa, a ghee-laced semolina desert that is served up on special occasions like pujas, religious functions, and weddings back home.

Pure, unadulterated pleasure. A bit like this blog.

halva.jpgThis recipe serves 4:

150 gm coarse semolina

1 tbsp raisins

2 cardamoms, crushed

200 ml whole milk

2 tbsp ghee

4 tbsp white sugar

In a small pot, heat the ghee over a high flame. When it is very hot, stir in the sugar and wait a few seconds for it to caramelise.

Now add the semolina and stir vigorously to brown it evenly. As it changes from pale cream to a warm toffee colour in about five minutes, mix in the raisins and crushed cardamom.

Immediately after, stir the milk into the semolina evenly. It will develop a soft, spongy texture.

Take it off the heat and leave to cool. Spoon into little bowls, sit back and enjoy.

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