Aloo makha: Mid-week mustardy mash

Mallika Basu - Aloo makha: Mid-week mustardy mash

Posted 12th March 2008



On a usual weekday morning, I wake up late. Panic. Start flying around the flat looking for shoes, belts, anti-ageing skin products, while engaging hubby in pointless conversation.

Me, yesterday: “I might cook potatoes for dinner tonight.”

Him: “I hate potatoes.”

Splutter. Choke. Since when?

Me: “But you’re Peruvian! You grew up with 3000 potatoes!”

Time runs out. I dash to work.

Resigned to give in to his whimsical ways I stocked up on starchy spud at lunchtime. With my colleagues. At the local. Three bowls of thick cut fried chips. Washed down with two glasses of vino.

But it wasn’t enough. I decided to ignore the morning’s half-witted conversation and find a way to sneak potatoes into our “continental” dinner.

Inspired by the sheer gorgeousness of these lamb chops, I made my own. Steamed some mange tout. And piled a large serving spoon full of a traditional Bengali potato mash – spiced with mustard oil, green chillies and onions – on the side.

Called Aloo Makha, this dish was traditionally served by mother during summer to cool down stomachs. Perfect to calm fiery tempers too methinks.

Feeds 2:

2 large white potatoes
2 tbsp mustard oil
2 green finger chillies
1 small onion
Salt to taste

Peel, quarter and boil the potatoes. I cooked them in the microwave, with a few tablespoons of water, for 10 minutes. When they are done, drain them.

While they cool down slightly, chop up the onion and the green chillies. Don’t be a wus – use them pips and all.

Finally, mix the ingredients with the potatoes and mash the whole lot together well. Also delicious with a simple dal and rice combo.

PS = This is my entry to Supriya‘s Ode to Potato event. How appropriate!

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