Vanilla and Rose Firni

Mallika Basu - Vanilla and Rose Firni

Posted 26th September 2008


The pint-sized princess is back.

I am talking about none other than the student discount card-wielding, international development protagonist cum Bollywood starlet. My littlest sister.

So far, she’s invaded my flat. Eaten all my food. And reclaimed her shimmery black coat. I have hastily offered to help her settle into her flat with a brand new hand blender and supermarket trip.

Secretly, I am very thrilled. I once again have a little something to channel my bossy energies.

There is yet another cause for celebration. This blog has turned two. If I’m honest, I’d forgotten in the excitement of video making and sisterly bickering. But Sia’s blogiversary post reminded me of the two long and terrific years of cooking, writing and blogging I’ve had.

So here’s something sweet to say hurrah! A delicious Vanilla and Rose Firni ahead of Eid-Ul-Fitr. This flavoured ground rice desert has a wonderful light and cooling way about it. Perfect for new beginnings in every way.

Feeds 2:

  • 50gm rice flour
  • Half pint whole milk
  • Half inch vanilla pod, ground or half tsp vanilla essence
  • 1 tbsp rose water
  • 3 tbsp white sugar
  • 4-5 crushed pistachios

In a small pot, pour the cold milk. Stir in the rice flour, sugar and vanilla.

On a low flame whisk the mixture viciously until it thickens and forms the consistency of thick yogurt. If it starts forming lumps, take the pot off the flame and get stuck in with a wooden spoon.

Whe you have a smooth mixture, stir in the rose water. Spread a big dollop of the mixture onto a flat saucer, decorate with the crushed pistachios and chill before serving.

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