Chicken Reshmi Tikka

Mallika Basu - Chicken Reshmi Tikka

It's been a tough three weeks. No sooner had I indoctrinated Mini Basu into my bootcamp than a copy editor started whipping my book into shape. I mean who knew one shot of vodka was 25ml? Everyone has a tequila glass! And why would anyone who buys a cookbook written by yours truly expect to find a recipe for home made ghee in it? I'd rather spend the time trimming my hair with a nail clipper, thank you very much. Meanwhile, the summer barbeque season has truly kicked off. I've also been drinking copious amounts of Rose wine, while billowing barbeques blow sausage smoke through my carefully crafted locks. True to form, I've been saving time, effort and precious brain cells these days by making the same kebab for every barbeque I've attended. The juicy, skewered Chicken Reshmi Tikka has been reeled out on three occasions causing quite a sensation. It's dead easy to make with readily-available ingredients. Look out for the meat tenderiser powder that goes into it at supermarkets. It's totally natural and works a treat to soften even the hardest pieces of meat. Perfect for quick fix marinades when every second counts.



Chop finely or puree the ginger and garlic together. Take a large mixing bowl and mix in all the ingredients. Add salt to your taste. Remember, the marinade needs to be fairly salty as the barbeque will burn some of it away.

Now cut the chicken into large bite-sized chunks. The best way to do this is cut off the tail end of each chicken breast first and then halve lengthwise each piece and chop through the width. Add th chicken pieces into the marinade bowl. Mix together well.

Leave this to sit covered for at least an hour and up to three hours. When you’re ready to eat, thread the chicken pieces onto the skewers (5-6 chicken pieces for each). Then cook on a sizzling but not smoky barbeque for 20 minutes turning regularly to ensure even cooking.

If the weather’s pants or you don’t have a barbeque, you could just cook the lot in two batches under a hot grill for the same amount of time. Serve on a bed of fresh sliced onions drizzled with some chilli powder, lemon juice and salt. Many times.

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