Simple Dal Recipe: A Basu family favourite

Everyone loves dal. And whether it’s blowing hot or cold outside, I can think of no better food to provide comfort than my family’s Simple Dal recipe. I say simple because it uses readily available red lentils, or masoor, and cooks in no time. All you need is a dash of a ghee tadka, that’s spices sizzled in the liquid gold, and you’re off halfway to heaven.

Watch my video to learn more about hing and ghee – two specialist ingredients that add magic to dal, and my top tip for savouring every bit of the tadka you make. It also shows you how the texture changes from the individual hard grains of lentils to the buttery soup-like consistency of dal everyone knows and loves.

This Masoor Dal is also fantastically versatile and can be dressed up to become a one-pot meal or a centrepiece for dinner guests. Try adding chopped cauliflower, spinach, peas for a weeknight TV dinner or even some raw king prawns to impress friends. This simple dal recipe will never disappoint.

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