Exciting news: Next cookbook!

Mallika Basu - Exciting news: Next cookbook!

Posted 27th May 2016

So, I just landed a global book deal with Bloomsbury Publishing to write my next cookbook. Called “MASALA: Indian Cooking for Modern Living” it will be the seminal Indian cookbook for a modern generation, packed with the usual tips for healthier, simpler and quicker meals that you are used to from yours truly.

Although this time, as I am older and wiser (!) there will be strictly no swearing.

On a serious note though, it’s not been an easy journey. And with two little, slightly feral children in our marriage (not counting my husband and me) in the picture, the stakes are a lot higher this time.

I want to take a moment to thank every one of you who comes to my site, reads and uses my recipes, emails me and puts up with the odd typo and technical glitch. You make this all the more worthwhile.

Publishing date is not until Spring 2018, but seeing as it’s sixe years since I wrote Miss Masala, I know time will fly!  Now to knuckle down and start writing.

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