Rose Lassi with a healthy twist

Mallika Basu - Rose Lassi with a healthy twist

When summer finally arrives, what better than Rose Lassi - ice cold churned yoghurt fragranced with heady rose to cool things down? Traditionally, Rose Lassi is made with Rooh Afza, a sugary red tinted squash comprising a blend of herbs and floral essences including rose, vetiver and screwpine. A couple of capfuls of this in yoghurt or cold milk creates the refreshing summer drink Indians know and love. My version below uses the much easier to source rose essence. As this doesn’t give the lassi its signature pink hue, I have added a bit of cooked beetroot. The result is a fragrant cooling drink that’s bound to delight and has an added dose of good health.


Place everything in a blender and churn until smooth. Pour the rose lassi into glasses and decorate with rose petals to serve.

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