Roasted Nalli Gosht

Mallika Basu - Roasted Nalli Gosht

Nalli Gosht is lamb shanks in a spicy and rich yoghurt based curry. Hailing from Lucknow, the lamb is stewed until it is meltingly soft and literally falls off the bone. The combination of Kashmiri chillies, earthy garam masala and yoghurt sets off the lamb beautifully. If you can be asked, freshly milled garam masala if just the ticket in this recipe but a dash of the store bought stuff will suffice. In a little twist, I like to marinate the lamb and then shove it en masse into the oven to make this meltingly soft roasted Nalli Gosht. That way it can roast in its own juices while I get on with life. No death by stirring! Don’t forget to factor in the overnight marinating time into your planning. Serve this with warm rotis.


Place the two shanks in a casserole pot. Peel the onion, ginger and garlic and blend them along with the yoghurt and green chillies adding enough water to get a smooth paste. Add the turmeric and salt to the paste according to your taste and then pour this over the lamb. Leave the lamb to marinate overnight.

Bring the lamb to room temperature before you start cooking, and stir through two cups of hot water. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Centigrade, and cook the lamb covered for two hours giving it a stir an hour and half into cooking time.

Garnish the roasted Nalli Gosht with the onions and chopped fresh coriander.

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