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Indian Cooking for Modern Living

“From midweek dinners to sumptuous weekend feasts, food writer Mallika Basu offers tips and techniques to help you create real Indian food, simply”
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Food writer Mallika Basu grew up enjoying exotic flavours from across India in an unconventional, bustling home in Kolkata – and then spent years recreating them in a London kitchen. Now she shares those recipes, techniques and shortcuts so you too can cook wholesome, real Indian food simply.

Embrace weekday dinners with lightly spiced fish curry, wok-friendly Goan chilli beef fry or silken kofta curry made with packs of ready-rolled meatballs. For leisurely weekends, tuck into a feast of Vindaloo pulled pork; give your Sunday roast a sumptuous twist with spicy marinades, or enjoy a whole roasted cauliflower encrusted with nut butter. And that’s before you even think about swirling dosa and more for a full-on Indian brunch…

Mallika’s recipes respect the past and celebrate the present in an easy and informal way that will broaden your understanding of Indian cooking, and inspire you to return to these simple recipes time and time again.

Masala Mallika Basu
Brunch chapter with spiced and fermented Indian breakfasts for lazy weekends
Masala Mallika Basu
Hacks to make your own healthy and simple flatbreads, samosas and pakoras.
Masala Mallika Basu
Easy-to-follow recipes with tips and tricks for authentic Indian flavours.
Masala Mallika Basu
Extensive reference pages to build your knowledge and confidence.

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