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Born and brought up in Kolkata, in a high-profile political family, I was despatched to England for my undergraduate degree by my family, with the recipe for one chicken curry and one dal. I didn’t even know how to boil an egg when I arrived at university. After my Master’s degree, I started trying to replicate the gorgeous and wholesome food I grew up on in my very own, and thoroughly modern, Indian kitchen in London.


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Thrilled to have leftovers from an overdue Bengali celebration in the sun with friends and family yesterday. This is course 1, home made street food of papdi chaat and puchka with my dad’s recipe for the tamarind water they are filled with

I picked @anindya0909 brains about the latest food trends in Kolkata and his incredibly generous and lengthy reply is making me weep for a trip back home. If you're keen to learn more about Bengali food, the husband wife duo are must follows!